How To Find The Best Golf Rangefinder


Golf is a game that requires a player to be precise in gauging the distance of your target. This comes with practice and experience. However, even the best players have a problem getting the distance correct even after years of experience especially when trying courses with many levels of elevation.

This is why you should look for the best golf rangefinder to help you get accurate yardages on the golf course. There are laser rangefinders for golf which have cutting edge optical engineering that can measure the yardage to any mark on any golf course or practice range even measuring inclines.

There are two types of rangefinders: laser rangefinders and GPS-based rangefinders. The rangefinders are tournament legal. Below are some of the few things that you need to consider when looking for a good rangefinder.

What kind of courses do you play?
If your golf course has a lot of doglegs, blind tee shots, and huge elevation changes, a GPS rangefinder will be ideal for you. Laser rangefinders require that you point at a physical target and may not work well if you are not seeing any green.

Since the GPS rangefinders get their distances from satellites, you will not have to actually see your target in order to know the distance. If you play more wide open links style courses or you play golf courses in flat states it may be a good idea to choose a laser rangefinder.

What is your budget?
The cost of rangefinders varies depending on the number of features you want. Some of the rangefinders can store common distances on your favorite courses, track distances of up to 1600 yards and show you color maps of each hole. Decide how much you want to spend on a rangefinder.

After deciding on how much you want to spend, do your own research to know what the features of the different rangefinders are and choose one whose features suit you. Look for a rangefinder with the most value for your money which has more useful features at a reasonable price coupled with durability.

Start with golf rangefinders that are cheaper and move up the scale for comparisons. However, it does not mean that the most expensive rangefinder is always the best for your needs.

What is the maximum distance range of the range finder?
Maximum distance range of golf rangefinders ranges between 500 yards- 1000 yards. The rangefinders are usually accurate with a margin of error of +/-1 yard. However, some of the latest models can be accurate to within 6 inches.

You need to always remember is that this accuracy and maximum distance ranges have been tested under optimal weather conditions with large, smooth and reflective targets.

This is why it is a good idea to halve that figure in your head unless you are very lucky to be playing in perfect weather conditions each and every time.

Other factors you need to consider include magnification capability, size and weight of the rangefinder and how easy it use. You also need to see how comfortable with a horizontal and vertically orientated golf rangefinder.