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Golf tips for beginners

Golf tips for beginners

Golf sounds fun and now that you got the taste of it you really want to try it more, but don’t really know where to begin.

Nobody got there on top just by practicing on his own and there are some tips that can help you improve your performance faster.

It’s important to take dead aim for your knees, shoulders, club face and not only for your feet. You need to check alignment every time you practice as even if you are right-handed that doesn’t mean the ball goes straight, since swing counts a lot! If you’re unsure of the distance, you may use a rangefinder.

Always try to build a solid, stable and balanced stance and try to focus on an amazing posture by tilting at your hips and not your waist.

It might look funny, but practice as much as you can to hold the club in the right position even when you’re not out on the field. The more you practice, the more your hands will grip the club correctly.

Keep in mind to start with “bumping the hips” and not your upper body. Get in touch with your driving range before you go out. A range session should be around 50 balls and no less than 30 minutes long, with two practice swings for every ball.

You get better posture and cleaner ball striking if you practice with short, lofted club. Stay away from too little loft as this attracts scooping action.

Try to begin your practice with a pitching wedge and don’t use long and difficult clubs until you are constantly hitting the short ones. This may come as a surprise to you, but you might need at least 18 months of playing until you are ready for the driver!

Last, but not least, go through the fundamental lessons at least once a month. Stay in touch by reading golf magazines, watching golf commercial and always go back to the basic info.